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Slewing Ring Bearing Applications
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Slewing Ring Bearing Applications

Slewing ring bearing is a basic mechanical component for engineering machinery, mining machinery and construction machinery, which require relative rotation between two parts. Slewing bearings mainly serve to transmit movement and bear loads, generally suited for low speed rotation and heavy load applications.

Slewing ring bearing has a wide range of applications, such as truck crane, excavator, tower crane, port crane, lorry-mounted crane, crawler cranes, bucket wheel machines, concrete pump truck, trailer, rotary conveying device, metallurgical industry(clay gun, ladle turret, furnace cover slewing mechanism), port machinery, welding machinery, wind power generating equipment, medical equipment, etc.

Slewing Ring Bearing for Truck Crane

Slewing bearing for truck crane should be able to supply stable & flexible rotation, and has smaller hardness gap and soft spots during production.

Slewing Ring Bearing for Tower Crane

Slewing ring bearing is one of the most important components of crane tower, it  should have high loading capacity, and flexible rotation without abnormal noise, besides, the mounting base should be with high rigidity, and tower crane slewing bearing's proper maintenance and installation is very important.

Slewing Ring Bearing for Crawler Crane

Crawler crane slewing bearings have high loading capacity.

Slewing Ring Bearing for Concrete Pump Crane

Concrete pump crane require its slewing bearing parts have high load-bearing capacity.

Slewing Ring Bearing for Port Crane

Port Crane slewing bearing has the feature of high loading capacity and high fatigue strength, can undertake heavy work and has a long service life.

Slewing Ring Bearing for Manned Elevator

Slewing bearing for manned elevator has the feature of flexible and stable rotation,  light weight.

Slewing Ring Bearing for Lorry-mounted Crane

Lorry-mounted crane requires light weight slewing ring bearing, which also provide stable rotation, flexible turning.

Rotary Conveying Device, Wrapping Machine, Filling Machine

Slewing bearing for rotary conveying device, conveyor belts, wrapping machine, filling machine need to have high rotation speed, high precision, and long service life cause it usually need to work 24 hours continuously, and downtime of machinery and plant cost a lot.