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Slewing Bearing Storage
- Aug 30, 2018 -

1. The slewing ring bearings are all oiled and packed before they leave our factory and they can be kept in an appropriate condition for 6 month. The raceway of un-operating bearings should be lubricated once every 12 months (Refer to "7.Maintenance of Slewing bearings").Un-operating slewing bearings should be repacked for anti-rusting once every 6 months.
2. Pack the bearings as follows:
(1) Take the slewing bearing out of the wooden box.
(2) Unpack it layer by layer from the outmost layer and don't do any damage to the sealing system when you are unpacking the bearing.
(3) Clear the oil on the surface after filling the raceway with grease, then oil it and pack it.
(4) The chlorine-containing solvent is forbidden to use. Avoid the solvent entering into raceway when you are cleaning the oil.
(5) Clear the outer surface after cleaning the oil, and then paint with anti-rusting grease (F20-1) or industrial Vaseline (SY1607-77).
(6) Repack the bearing as original and set it into the wooden box. You should better set the asphalt band on the inner side wall of the wooden box in order to avoid being damped by rain. After sealing up with oil and packing, pile up the bearings, if you do not have a wooden box. 
Remark: When they are piled up, put three (at least) wooden blocks with the same height equally between the two bearings along the circle. The blocks of different layers should be on one line at the vertical direction.
3. Put the bearings on a dry and flat place. Keep the water tubes and steam tubes away to avoid rusting which results from being affected by temperature.

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